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Ptolemy's East Africa

Egypt, and Subsaharan Africa
from Ptolemy's Geographica (150 A.D.).


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Sources used: (From most to least important:)

Name etc. Edition Link
[Map] Ptolemy's Geographica
150 A.D.
(pub. 1482)
Latin; trans. Jacobus Angelus; ed. Nicolaus Germanus. ;
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page 210
[Index] Ptolemy's Geographica
150 A.D.
(pub. 1845)
Greek; ed. Karl Friedrich August Nobbe; pub. Caroli Tauchnitii. ;
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page 130-132
[Map] Ptolemy's Geographica
150 A.D.
(pub. 1991)
Latin; trans. & ed. Edward Luther Stevenson. Pub. Dover, New York ;
(page 268)
[Map] Ptolemy's Geographica
150 A.D.
(pub. 1467)
Latin; trans. Jacobus Angelus; ed. Nicolaus Germanus.
[Map] Rumsey Historical Maps
1818 A.D.
French; Carte topographique de l'Egypte Activate GoogleEarth's Layers > Gallery > Rumsey maps, or

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