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Peutinger Map

Map of way-stations
in the Roman mail-system,
1st-5th century A.D.


Edition Date Link
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1.2 Dec. 22, 2022 Click here
1.1 Nov. 26, 2022 Click here
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Sources used: (From most to least important:)

Name etc. Edition Link
[Map] Tabula Peuteringiana
1st-5th centuries A.D.
(pub. 13th century)
-- .
Parts XII, XIII, and XIV.
[Map] Ptolemy's Geographica
150 A.D.
(Various editions)
Latin. See map-links in each area's relevant Ptolemaic plot.
[Maps] Rumsey Historical Maps,
early 1800s A.D.
French or English Activate GoogleEarth's Layers > Gallery > Rumsey maps, or

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